I remember before I started my journey I had so many doubts of whether I could ACTUALLY lose this weight or not. I mean when you are faced with 60+ lbs. to lose that number might seem intimidating…right? It did for me at least!

I had doubts I could keep it off because I knew myself…I LOVED junk food and TONS of it! I would sit on the couch, watching my NETFLIX, shoveling in the chocolate, pizza, and ice cream like it was nobody’s business. That was MY normal…that was MY life…and don’t get me wrong…LOL I still love all those things, BUT I am not doing it in the excess I was before. Balance baby! Balance!! ;) 
Things had to change…desperately. I didn’t like being told I was pre-diabetic, have diverticulosis, or that the size 18-20 bridesmaid dress WAS NOT zipping up!

Those were some low points…BUT the worst part…the absolute TURNING point for me, was when I let my sugar get to high and my vision went black for like 5 minutes. I mean…I couldn’t freaking see for 5 minutes! I didn’t know if I lost it all together, was it coming back, was it just a phase? All these questions raced over me and I was scared to death. When I got it back…talk about being SUPER grateful and a little shaken up that people live without their eyesight every day. It makes you humble that is for sure!

At that moment, that is when I decided to get my SHIFT together! I knew I had to take responsibility for my health….I was a new mom…I COULDN’T even imagine how my son, Shawn, would feel if he lost his mom or if she lost her legs like her grandma did….I pictured it in my head! What would his face look like if he wanted to play and run, but I couldn’t? How would I feel about this? Would I be OK with it?

My answer is absolutely freaking NO. I couldn’t deal…so I became WILLING at that point to take on healthy living! Sometimes we need a wake-up call and I got mine. What can I say…I am stubborn!!!

When I started on a program that my coach shared with me, it was tough…having 10 years of bad habits was hard to change at first, but so glad I stuck with it. I stopped letting the doubt take over my life and I chose a better one….one day at a time!

Sometimes I think if I let DOUBT rule me, where would I be? What kind of life would I be living? How much MORE weight would I have gained? So I said ENOUGH…I became WILLING…I became the mom I NEEDED to be for Shawn and my family. I became healthy and fit because I said NO MORE to doubt and fear when it came to my health and fitness journey!

I no longer take it for granted…I show up daily…I work my programs…I work on improving my nutrition every day and I feel better for it! I feel blessed to be active and I feel blessed to help the people I do! I take what I do as a coach/mentor seriously because these people come to me wanting help…that is powerful and I don’t take it lightly. I work my biz daily because it is my passion…it fuels me to be better…your LOVE and SUPPORT fuels me…so I thank you…I thank you for following me and my journey and my life.

**QUESTION: Do you have this same doubt?? Fear of failing, fear of not achieving your goals, and then you do absolutely nothing? **

**My next group starts November 12th!!! **

I am ready to mentor the next 5 ladies or gents that need some help with nutrition, fitness, and their mindset! Let me help you find a healthier way to losing weight! Message me for more details! or you can email me at to learn your options!

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