Wanna get real for a sec??

Last year I ate the whole bucket on Trick or Treat night...

Last year I gorged myself as I always do on Halloween....

Last year I felt awful for doing it and I ALWAYS know how I feel afterwards, but I continued with it. :(

Last year I wasn't at a good place mentally and I was still emotional eating.

Last year I gained 10 lbs from that craziness in ONE DAY!

The junk food addiction is real folks and honestly it controlled me at one point...

BUT....THIS YEAR I said NO MORE...enough is enough and it was COMPLETELY different this year.

THIS YEAR I had 3 pieces of candy, sooo not the repeat of last year!!

This year I feel more in control of my nutrition more than ever. This nutrition program is teaching me sooo much...I am learning...I have peeps in my corner cheering me on and I am proud to say that I LOST 2 lbs this morning. THAT IS HUGE FOR ME!!

This year I had feelings of empowerment...control...and ENJOYED Halloween for what it was for...Shawn's experience...him dressing up...him having fun, and us ENJOYING family time together!! That was the POINT of it...not stuffing my face with the junk!

Never would I have thought I could control myself around THIS MUCH silliness. LOL It is no longer WORTH it to me to feel guilty, ashamed, or have feelings of lack...truly not worth it.

I feel so great this morning and I know that I CAN DO THIS! I am REFUSING to gain 15+ lbs this holiday season! SIMPLY REFUSING IT!

I don't want YOU to gain it either...I want you to be in control with me! Let's go in and work together at this!!

My next group starts on 11/12/18 and let's head off the holiday bulge together!


Let's do this!!!

Message me for all the details!!! OR you can email me at

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