Can I be TRULY honest about what I see on the left?

The first thing I remember is getting this dress and thinking WOW it actually fits over my belly. I was happy for that, but I was still sad on how I actually looked. I tried to get the jacket to cover up, but it just wasn't cutting it - as you can see...as everyone could see. YIKES!! The struggle is real my friend!! Trying on clothes was an event I would NEVER attend!! LOL 

I remember this was when I was still wearing the maternity clothes and you can see...Shawn was already born and not a newborn, but that didn't stop me from growing and growing.😔😔

Sometimes we have to do things we don't want too...for me it was getting fit and healthy for myself, my sister's wedding, and my family.

Of course, I hated the thought of exercise and eating greens....I mean come on!! I was in the business of eating all the junk!! 🍕🍟🍔🍧🍨🍦🍫🍬🍭🎂🍪 Forget the healthy stuff...I was eating the "good stuff". That was the BS I was telling myself. 

So yeah it wasn't pretty! I got sad and very emotional about even starting a workout program....BUT I was more PISSED than anything, because I let myself become THAT person.

This picture on the left is TOUGH to look at, because some days I didn't feel that big or thought I was OK, but I wasn't. I wasn't mentally and definitely wasn't physically. You can't cover up being unhealthy....no matter the makeup or the clothes, overall health goes far deeper my friend. 😒

So let me just say this, no matter what your struggle is, I am here for you...because I was once that girl on the left, but the girl on the right is far more happy and healthy.

She can finally do things she couldn't do before, such as getting down and playing with her son, running without becoming winded, and most importantly, she saved herself from old bad habits. 

If you need help with your health and fitness goals, just know I am only a message away!! Better yet...just know YOU ARE INVITED to my next group on November 12th! 

Sometimes we make it tough on ourselves to begin, but when you make the decision to TRY....your whole world changes.

Are you ready for a change to a healthier new YOU??

Message me to get started today!!

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