It isn't always easy.... But it is worth it!!

Starting at 215 lbs. was very intimidating at first, because I was so used to not doing anything... So I had to really get uncomfortable to make the change.

Being so addicted to junk food was hard to give up when you consumed it as much as I did. That wasn't easy... But I had to make a decision... Better my health or remain the same...

Guess what?!

Best decision I made was for me to get with it... Down 55+ lbs and 26.5 inches and feeling amazing these days... I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

I can keep up with my son... Fit into clothes that I couldn't do before... And my confidence is so much better!! This journey has not only changed me physically but mentally too!!

So if you feel like you have lost your way... Let's do this together... You don't have to be alone in this!! Next group is starting soon and I gotta ask... Will you join me??

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