I always share my daily thoughts after my workout on social media. So if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you have seen these…but if not…here is one that needs to be on this blog…

Today's thought

💜 Workout because you love your body... Not because you hate it!! 💜

I remember I used to think working out was for the birds.... It was a chore... It was a hassle. But I couldn't have been more wrong!!! We were meant to move and whether you want to or not... We need and require exercise. So when I first started that was a hard concept to grasp because 10 years of bad habits had me living in the comfort zone. Yikes!!!

When I realized that I had to get with it because of my sugar... I knew I had to drop the attitude about it... So instead of hating on exercise... I now thrive on it.... I need it... I want it... I miss it when a rest day happens because it isn't routine. Lol

We can have bad habits or good ones.... You choose and ask yourself which ones will lead me to good health??

You know what to do... Stop slacking and don't be a past Rebecca... Getting in shape not only changes your physical appearance but your mental one too!!

You are capable of it... Trust me... You are!!!

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