I was listening to my personal development book by Jen S.... And she said something that struck a cord...

She said we let others dictate what we can and can't do and for that... We are held in the same spot!!!..... Ummm how true is that?

We always want others to like us, approve what we are doing, or straight up desperately want their blessing on what we do or even have!!

Sometimes when it comes to changing your life... If you are not scared than your doing something wrong. Being successful means getting very uncomfortable and doing things you have never done before!! That includes not caring what those people say about you and yes... Even think about you!!!

That is precisely how I felt about coaching... Scared I would fail... Scared what others would think about me, and my belief within was super low because I focused on THAT and not what I could offer!

It took alot of growing... Reading... And digging deep to get where I am today and NO... I am still not where I should be.

I still have fear, doubts, and get super stressed at times... I am human. Never said it was about being perfect... It is about showing up and making progress..

This week, emotions are all over the place... I think the red devil is coming... Ugh... So I know I need to lean more on my groups and PD... Because I start to question myself and begin to think oh no... What do others think of me....Am I supposed to be doing this? Will they like this post!?!!

When in reality... It is none of my business!!!

I can't control others thoughts, or even their actions... BUT... I can control and protect myself from the negative thoughts that I created... Because they are not true!! Our minds wonder and with over 50,000 thoughts per day... We can practice positive ones!!

Because in the end...your thought means the most!!

Rebecca MillerComment