I heard this today and I thought wow...that strikes ANTOHER chord. I found these two older pictures of me...before my journey and me reaching my FIRST goal - To fit in my sister's dress it was a feat!!

Losing the weight just to get this dress zipped up was difficult...but I had to do it on purpose.

I had to work out on purpose.

I had to show up with my group on purpose.

I had to eat veggies, which I hated, because I loved the junk food so much. So yes...the greens entered my mouth on purpose.

I had to do workouts that made my body sore on purpose.

I had to change my old ways on purpose.

Just like when you say you don't have time or don't WANT to make time for ARE doing that on purpose. Whether you believe it or not, you are. You can say I AM NOT WORKING OUT...and you are doing that with purpose. I AM GOING TO EAT THIS PIZZA and again you are doing that with purpose.

You have choices every day my friend...but what you do on purpose is either keeping you from moving forward or it is moving you forward.

Which one are you doing?

1. The healthy one where it takes some work, but when you reach the goals you feel accomplished and pretty darn amazed with yourself....


2. The one where you struggle and it is hard because the clothes don't fit, you feel miserable, and you just want the crazy cycles of junk food to stop so you can get healthy and fit and be there for your kid?

What is important to you?? I ask very seriously....because I NEEDED to hear this when I struggled so it isn't out of bragging I share my is help you understand....that you my friend...ARE NOT ALONE!

My life now since I got with it is WAY different than before!!

I work out now with purpose, I eat healthy on purpose and believe takes just the same amount of energy to do both.

We tell ourselves ALOT of excuses of why we can't do something, so next time the excuses get strong...tell yourself...on purpose...of every reason why you should start caring for yourself.

Before weight in this picture was photo was about 175...

Now I am at 2.5+ years and still building muscle and burning fat my peeps and yes...I am doing that on purpose too!! ;)

FIND the purpose that drives you to be a better person!!! I am still working every day on takes time but I would rather be doing something good than damaging to my health...would you agree??

If you ever want to start your own journey with me...I am here my friend. It won't be easy and it takes time and patience, but we can overcome the excuses together.

Always here to chat.

Rebecca MillerComment