Today was all about the abs and I felt the burn.... I wanted to snap this picture so there is a "record" of what they looked like at the beginning of this 10 week program. Yeah yeah... I still have the mom stomach LOL... Getting there though... I see slight definition!!!

Today's thought…

Daily effort and consistency is KEY!! 

I started working out at home almost 3 years ago and gotta say... I am proud of my daily consistent efforts!!! I show up, get it done, share what I am going through, and some days it feels like no progress is even happening... But it is!!!! 

The daily grind isn't cute or sexy by any means... But it works if you do!! 

Oh and dare I say this workout was my favorite and that I nailed it compared to the other days LOL. YESSSSSSSS.. VICTORY IS MINE.. in my Viking voice. Lol

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