Love this quote!!

☀️Don't become your own worst enemy! ☀️

Sometimes we make things harder than what they need to be... I am guilty of this from time to time! Are you?? 

When I first started getting serious about my coaching business, I had doubts, I had fears, and I was skeptical! 😨😨

Doubts and fear came from me not believing in myself and being skeptical came from not knowing more about it. Honestly... There are only 5 things you do a day to be a coach to earn an extra income. It is so easy to do, but also so easy not to do to. If that makes sense! 😉

All in all, I am happy I took that extra leap of faith and said Yes!! It has helped me become a better person.... From the inside out!! 

I am helping people and they in turn help me stay accountable... In the end, everyone wins! I was becoming my own worst enemy, by telling myself I couldn't do something like this. But deep down I wanted it. 

God puts things in our paths for a reason. I seriously feel my whole journey has led me here. It feels great knowing that I can make a difference and to know that this opportunity can change other lives. It is truly pretty remarkable! God wants us to be happy and live prosperous lives... So I always say to myself... Why not me?? 

You just have to shove fear and doubt aside and realize what you truly want out of life. 


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