But I have to tell you that I have betrayed her. 

I have not always loved her at full capacity. 

I have fed her lies, and at times told her that she was not good enough. 

I have allowed her to publicly be impacted by those who hurt her, and then privately call herself broken. 

I have allowed her to bravely run through brick walls and go to battle for others, who often would not and did not stand up for her. 

I could not stop individuals from abandoning her, and yet through those times when she felt so alone, she still would be a light to the world and love others despite all. 

I have stood paralyzed by fear as she courageously faced near death moments; I watched her fight for her life. 

And when she lost loved ones, there she stood holding it together for others, yet inwardly losing herself while processing her grief. 

I ask you Beautiful Queen to please forgive me for not going to war for you like you have done for so many others. 

You lovely QUEEN, are a WARRIOR. 

No, you are not perfect, but the Master considers you WORTHY and deserving of all the Grace that He gives you each day. 

You Beautiful Queen are UNSTOPPABLE. 

You may feel broken, but you are beautifully, worthily, and by His Grace still standing. 

You are love. 

You are a giver in life. 

You are brave. 

You are grace. 

You are so wise and compassionate that you build Arks before there is any rain, welcoming all who need shelter from the storm. 

You are ever transforming, so give yourself permission to heal and grow.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with you for a lifetime? 

Well, suddenly I have fond a new love for you, and I am sharing it with the other Queens and Kings out there who are Blessed 


Fearless, Grace-Filled Ladies and Valiant Grace-Filled Men, Please feel free to re-post with a picture of yourself, and encourage others to promote the beautiful beings in this lovely world we share ðŸ’

Rebecca MillerComment