What has Beachbody and coaching actually done for me? 


Well…their programs have allowed me to lose 53 lbs. and 26.5 inches to date and I have sooo much more confidence within myself!  I have grown into a much healthier mom, wife, and person because of Beachbody!  


When I first began my transition to a healthier lifestyle, there was a major piece of the puzzle that played a HUGE success in my weight loss. Because let's be honest... WE THINK working out and eating healthy is this daunting task! Am I right?? 


At least, I thought that when I was 215 lbs. My coach placed me in an accountability group. My oh my... Little did I know that would be the starting point of a life changing transition for me!!


I was ready for a change because I was in desperate need of help. I was someone who was extremely addicted to the junk food – I would eat entire pizzas, tons of chocolate (36 candy bars a week), and tons of ice cream…Plus, I didn’t eat a green vegetable to save my soul!  


I was super unhealthy and my digestive system was horrendous!!  I didn’t go to the bathroom but once a month folks…talk about pain…discomfort and for what!??!  Because I had soooo many excuses that exercise and healthy living was too hard for me!  That my friend….is total BS and self-sabotage to myself! 


It was a struggle to get down and play with my 2-year-old son at the time.  My knees and back were hurting and I would be out of breath in no time!  He was fun…but I was not!  I didn’t like being that way…I knew I had to make a change for not only myself but for my son!  He needed his momma around and at the rate I was going, I wasn’t going to be there!  


I was borderline diabetic and even blacked out because my sugar got to high…HUGE WAKE UP CALL for me!  PLUS…I HAD to get the weight off because I was supposed to be the maid of honor in my sister’s wedding and trying on dresses that were size 18-20 and NOT zipping up, was something I wasn’t proud of…so CHANGE was NEEDED!


My coach hooked me up with a program to fit my needs. I got the materials, read everything, asked a few questions, made a plan, meal prepped, and stuck with it strong for 21 days, which that is 30 minutes of exercise a day... Not hours. Besides what did I have to lose?


In those 21 days, I learned something about myself. Well actually several things....


  ❤ I was finding out that WOW, I could do something like this! Crazy... Because I kept telling myself that I couldn't.


  ❤ I was eating healthy!! Me!?!?! A girl who never touched a green thing in her life was eating a salad and other veggies!? Say what!?


  ❤ The accountability group offered me a TON of support, inspiration, tips, tricks, and taught me self-love – never done anything like that before!! 


  ❤ I was finding my way again. I was happy. I was proud of that 12 lb. loss in my 1st 21 days, and excited for the next 21 days!!


  ❤ I was sleeping better and I was less stressed and most importantly less depressed.  YESSSS!!!!


  ❤ I was taught about the mindset and how to shift to a positive outlook vs. a negative one.


  ❤ I wasn't alone. I had other women and men working on themselves too! We all supported each other. We were family... We connected and we became friends.  I LOVE Team Passion because it is amazing!  You are never alone in your journey!


So when I tell you that our accountability groups are a game changer and you NEED this kind of love and support... than THIS team has got you covered. Because THIS is a better option for you and you don't have to do it alone. 


I didn’t have the support from my spouse…still don’t to a certain degree, BUT that didn’t stop me from reaching my goals…I plugged in and posted EVERY DAY of my journey…shared it all…victories, struggles, and thoughts! 


The programs are world class in my opinion and the materials and meal plans are stellar!  Especially their newest focused nutrition program that just came out in May – LOVE 2B!  Because that is what I struggled most with was getting the nutrition under control!  The trainers are the BEST and they have helped me look like this in the comfort of my own home…on my own time!!


You know what else?  I am the active parent in my son’s life now….I run and I play with him and I don’t get exhausted…I am not in pain…and I haven’t felt this great in a long time!  I am no longer “watching” him play…I am playing and being right there with him…enjoying those precious moments in life!  


My body is still changing…still gaining muscle and heck…check out the transformation in just my arms alone.  No my friend, I am not perfect…I am a mom who is trying and works this business part-time and I LOVE IT!!  I still have 17 lbs. to lose but I KNOW I will get there….with Beachbody…It WILL happen!


I have been a coach for 2.5 years now and I still have my coach. She won't leave me and we are making that same commitment to you.  This business has been a blessing financially too!  It has been my passion, my focus, and helps with accountability like no other! When I post on social media…I inspire others to take care of themselves!  Getting paid to do it is just icing on the cake! 


Sharing your story on social media just proves that other people, regular people like you and me – Your friends and family, can still have a busy life but find balance in taking care of ourselves also! 


Being a coach has brought happiness to my life physically, mentally, and financially!  I seriously love what I do and I know you will too if you try it! 


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