I am the same... But different?! 😍

Same smile.... But different outlook on life now. I no longer hold my tongue, and I speak the honest truth, and I might even tell you what for, but hey... We can all get a little sassy sometimes right?? Lol 😛😛

Same heart.... But the new me holds a special place for herself, where she loves and cares for herself.

Same brain...But the new me can switch that crazy mindset off when it says that I can't... Before I would have listened to it. Now I crush that voice and just freaking go for it!!

Same legs.... But the new me can run faster, jump higher, and do more lunges. The same legs who carried the weight is now getting a break and carrying something else.... Weights and Boy who steals my heart...in a good way but of course. 😍😍

Same arms... But the new me has more muscles and they are smaller. They still give the love and hugs my family needs and wants and my shoulders carry more than posture and my head, lol. They carry the duties it takes to be a coach, a great mom, a great wife, and a full time employee.

When you undergo a transformation... You are the same person in a way, but a better version of you emerges and it changes everything.

I welcome you to join my next private accountability group. We start July 16th! Would love for YOU to have your very own transformation.

Ask yourself... How would you feel when you reached that goal? How would you be different?? And most importantly... What was holding you back before from doing something different and that you wanted to try??

It can happen, you can change, but you need to ask yourself... How bad do you want it?!?

Reach out and let's chat.  (You can find me on Facebook or email me at rebecca@rebeccaamiller.com)

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