So this weekend was all about family for me!  Enjoyed my hubby, Shawn, my mom and dad, and Tony's mom, and Jim!  Lots of yummy food and treats and yes I did splurge!  I know I should have stayed on track, but sometimes I got too.  I don't like restrictions and when I have them, I binge eat so I had fun this weekend and got a little silly!  All good.  I will buckle down this week and get right back on track!  

That is the best part of this...never do you really FALL off track.  As long as you come back to it, there is no cheating!   Love this new mindset around food, events, and my weight! 

It is crazy sometimes to think that I have been married for almost 15 years!  Tony and I have been together for 17 years all together and I know there are days I drive him crazy and vice versa, but I wouldn't pick anyone else to live my life with. 

He treats Shawn and I like gold and these two boys are my whole world!!  They are wrestling buddies and have the best of time.  I can still remember Tony's face when I told him he was going to be a Dad.  Full of surprise, disbelief, and excitement filled his eyes!  We tried for two (2) years after I finally decided to get with it and start a family - Yeah I know...I am a late bloomer!  

Seeing them together makes me one proud wife and mommy because my son, FEELS the love from Tony too.  They have a bond and enjoying them this weekend was exactly what I needed!  Prayers for Tony as he has been experiencing back pain - diagnosed with two (2) bulging discs and will see a back specialist to determine his next step!  I hate seeing him on pain especially on Father's Day! 

I got to see my dad too and I want to say that he has made me into the person I am today!  He has taught not only me, but my brother and sisters, the core values of being a good person, having faith and God by yourself and to always live out your dreams. If you want it...than work for it and it will be yours!  LOVE MY DAD very much!  He means the world to me...so glad I got to spend time with him, but I forgot to take a picture and that bums me out.  I really wanted one...but I will get it next time!  

I hope you enjoyed ALL the fathers in your life this weekend!  They are a blessing! 

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