That seems to be the question of the day!  LOL Everyone SEEMS to want change until they think about what they have to do to get it, am I right??

Why do you think that is?

Well my first guess is that being content where you are now is EASY!  You don't have to do anything different and you don't have to get sore from working out, because that isn't fun, am I right?  

Sometimes you want something so desperately you end up pushing it away.  The book I am reading now says you can literally push away your most desired goals if you aren't careful.  It is important to show God gratitude and show him how bad you want it, but not being so desperate for it that you push it away.  Geez....I thought child birth was tough!??!  LOL

Why does this have to be so difficult? 

Well in all reality it doesn't have to be.  In fact, WE make it really difficult with our constant worrying, constant fears, and constant excuses.  They hold us back and we get nowhere.

If you want to improve yourself and change, than you got to take action AND do the right steps that will take you in THAT direction...that is key too!!  We WILL get better and we must have absolute FAITH that it will come to us if we are working towards that goal.  We can't say we believe we want to get fit and then secretly deep down bash it or don't do any workouts - that will NEVER get you to your ultimate goal.  Make sense?? 

For example: 

You say this out loud:  I want to lose weight and I will make a change this time. 

Your deep down thought....Ok I will attempt this, BUT it more than likely will fail because I know me...I know my past and this will just be like last time.

What you say out loud and think deep down has got to be on the same page.  If it doesn't, then you don't 100% believe in it or yourself and it will not come because you are sending mixed signals. LOL

Do you want to be content or do you want change?!?!  Yeah I would like to know the answer too!

God will listen but you got to be specific with your goals and know he will come through...if you do your part and work as well. 

On my tough days starting out, I prayed every night..."God please give me the strength to do these workouts, eat healthy, meet my goals, and lose the weight I need to for the wedding."

Every day I showed up, every day I prayed, everyday I believed more and more within myself than I did previous day.   I know this might sound crazy, but it works.  You must have FAITH, you must BELIEVE, you must TRY in order to get results. 

Are you content on being at your current weight?  If not, why are you saying to yourself "It is ok, I am what I am" if you aren't happy?? 

Do you realize you are capable of change? 

Do you realize it doesn't take much to get it?  Especially with the 2B nutrition program! 

Do you realize that you can achieve it?

You have to get really serious with yourself and figure out what is holding you back and why are you allowing it to happen.  This WAS and IS still my biggest breakthrough when I started!

To get serious with myself, meant I had to visually see the FUTURE ME IF I had not done anything.  She was awful and really depressed with herself. 

To see the FUTURE me now, I see a person who is more on her game, happy, and living and loving life to the fullest!  No my life isn't perfect but it is WAY better than before - emotionally, physically, and mentally!!

If you want change, you must dig deep and stop being content with the current you.  Tell yourself that is the old version and you are working on a new you that is "XYZ"....and YES make a list on paper of what your FUTURE self looks and acts like!! 

When you see what you TRULY want out of life it makes all the difference.  Then you realize that you have so much to live and be grateful for and the best part...STRIVE FOR! 

Don't settle for the old you peeps....there is a better way and you can do it in as little as 30-45 minutes a day.

I believe in you and your goals and I know it is within you to start pursing them...but you got to remember your WHY and believe in yourself too! 

I can only take you so far, but you need to take ACTION on your side too!

Rebecca MillerComment