Man ole current personal development book is amazing!  I am reading "GET IT DONE" by Sam Bennett and she is talking about working on your projects that you feel you are genius at and just give them 15 minutes of focused time each day!  That way you don't get overwhelmed, it doesn't consume you, and you get further and further with it each day!  I mean so simple, am I right!?! 

Today's topic was about thinking it has to be "PERFECT" before you will release it, start on it, or do anything with it. You might have fears no one will like it or you just can't decide! 

Her suggestion...JUST GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING!  Your very first instinct and just do it...don't overthink it..because if you do, than it just holds you back from your genius! 

When you get held back, nothing happens and no one will ever see your work, your genius, or your heart...because you let the, "IT HAS TO BE PERFECT," take over!  

How true is this my peeps?  I mean seriously!  I know I did this with this website!  YIKES!  Some may hate the way my blog is laid out or even the purple...but I don't care!  LOL I created it and I LOVE IT! 

I did have to come to that point wasn't always that way!   In the beginning, I tried to appeal to more than I should have cared.  It honestly didn't matter, because when I stopped listening to those thoughts...and just went with my heart...I fell more in love with my work, my blog, my coaching business, my journey, and MYSELF!  

I saw something today that stuck out to me.  We don't always get to have a GREAT LIFE all the time...there will be struggle...BUT it is how we deal with the struggle, how we let it control us that will make all the difference! The key is to not let it take control, but to nip it in the butt and to go on with our bad self! 

So don't let your hearts desires burn out because of other people's thoughts about YOU and YOUR WORK!  You be your own type of genius and I will be mine...there is enough room in this world for both of us!  

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