Oh my goodness! You should have seen Shawn over the weekend. We got him a tractor for his birthday last year, which he loves by the way! Well if you know my son, then you know he absolutely loves all things lawn equipment - tractors, lawnmower, weed eaters, etc. Tony was mowing this weekend and he said he wanted to help.

Well we all know he can't run the lawnmower or anything else with blades so he got out his toy lawnmower and mimicked EVERY SINGLE MOVE AND STROKE that Tony did.

I am serious peeps...he backed it up like Tony, he walked backwards like Tony, and he even pretended to pull the pull start and prime it (I think that is what you call it - LOL).

Every move he copied he was proud because he was helping and taking action with Daddy. He was always looking up to Tony for a smile, for a positive facial expression, for the "Great Job Shawn" we always give him. :)

After watching this, I started to tear up. Oh my goodness, he wants the love and attention from us ALL the time. Even though we give it FREELY...he always wants and craves MORE!! He always wants the love and believe me...I am ok with that fully. :)

He wants nothing more than to make us happy, make us proud, make us smile and laugh. He is such an awesome little guy, I literally can't express the serious love I have for that child. I am so beyond blessed to call him mine and I always pray he finds his happiness, faith, courage, strength, and LOVE for GOD in his life.

I want him to know he can count on me no matter what. I want to instill in him that he needs to be healthy and fit, because his life matters so much to me. I always want him to be active and I always want him to know he is capable of massive great things.

I don't know what God has planned in his life, but I can't wait to see it all unfold. Of course, I want my baby to stay little forever, BUT we all know that is not how life rolls.

Having children changes you in every aspect and every bone in your body. LOL He knows the buttons to push, the facial expressions to make me laugh, and knows compassion at such a young age. How did I get to be so blessed??

I want the same for you my friend. I want you to instill in your children and even your spouse or loved ones that their health matters, that THEY matter, and that they SHOULD CARE about how their health will become in the future.

Shawn depends on me, and just like your kids and family depend on you, we BOTH have to stay on top of our health together. It isn't something we can blow off...I don't want a future where I can't be with him or be to miserable to ENJOY him fully.

I don't want to jeopardize my future health all because I craved the junk food and wouldn't let it that is why I decided to change the mindset, take action, and get this whole process started.

There is nothing worse knowing what you HAVE to do, then NOT doing it. I mean what is the point!?!

If you stop having a bad relationship with the whole health and fitness journey, meaning....thinking it is something horrible or terrifying then you can actually embrace it just like I did!

It doesn't take much to get started, but the results and benefits are a lifetime if you keep moving and stay connected with your WHY, your TOUGH LOVE, PD, MEAL PLANNING and PREPPING....then ACTION...of course you are going to see results!!

Sound like a lot of steps? WHY?

Does this seem EASIER to you??

1. Struggling to go up the stairs because you are winded.

2. Trying on AWESOME cute clothes only to find out they don't fit - BUMMER!!! I hate that feeling!

3. Trying to chase and play with your kids in the floor or running, only to find out you can't keep up!

4. Letting the junk food win and take over your life.

5. Looking in the mirror and being totally disgusted with yourself (How I felt)...BUT YOU really need to be LOVING yourself DAILY!

6. Having health issues that will affect your future self. Ugh...medications for life!? Who wants that?!?

So yeah...this list could go on FOREVER! But I think you get the point...YOU CHOOSE YOUR HARD!!

So if you gain nothing else from this post, I hope you gain this. a positive person in your children's life and show them the healthy way - EVEN if you don't want too...


The question will come up from THEM when they ask you...Why aren't you doing this with me??

What will be your answer??

I will let you think about that...fully...get connected with those emotions peeps!! This is PRECISELY what made ME make the switch to a healthier lifestyle, why I became a coach, why we have accountability groups, why I offer STELLAR health and fitness products that will change your life FOREVER! I can't want this more than you do my friend!

Wanna chat goals? I am here!!!

Our next group starts July 16th if you are interested!

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