We went to Virginia Beach, Aquar

I AM BACK MY PEEPS!!  I took a week off from blogging and went on vacation so YES I unplugged a bit and it felt fantastic to just get away for a while! I went with my sister, Pauline, and my precious little Shawn!  We did a pirate ship boat ride - The Lost Pearl!  We did the Aquarium, saw King Neptune (not pictured....but all on my FACEBOOK PAGE if you want videos of fireworks, Shawn swimming, building a sandcastle, etc.).  PLUS...we rode the coolest bike ever and went from one end of the beach to the other end, which was sooo much fun!!  I mean look at it...HOW COOL IS THAT!??!  

Shawn had a blast with Pauline of course and made her laugh a lot!  We even stopped at scenic views to get some pictures!  It was a great vacation, BUT I did miss Tony a lot!  We had lots of HUGS and KISSES for him when we came home!  We will plan another get away for just us!  Hopefully he won't have back issues this time and will feel up for anything!  

He was great...He helped our construction worker with getting the tub in...after 9 hours of plumbing issues it is finally installed - now onto the next step - LOL. Got to love all that plumbing!  YIKES!!   Plus he had all the laundry done, he vacuumed, and had dinner for us and everything when we came home!  

Being away makes me remember why I do what I do!  Pedaling a lot on that bike, walking a ton, carrying Shawn especially when he falls over in my arms because he is tired...that is a lot of packing (40 lbs.+) to do especially when we usually walk everywhere at the beach!  BUT I DID IT!  

Never in million years would I have done that if I didn't take care of myself!  Pauline could TOTALLY keep up with Shawn and she loved it...she is one protective aunt so I had no worries with her!  She is just like me in that aspect!  LOL  Shawn had two momma bears by his side and I wouldn't have it any other way...just wish Tony would have reconsidered and came too!   We will get him on the next one! ;)  BUT also loved that I had one on one time with my has been so long since we done that!  Our first EVER trip to the beach TOGETHER!  Crazy!  

Well if you want to do something that is different, scary, and out of the comfort zone...I highly suggest you do it!  Riding that bike intimidated me last year...but NOT this year!  We totally crushed it!  Now I feel better for at least trying it.  

Is there something that seems soooo scary to try that you want to do?  What is holding you back?  What would be the WORST thing that could happen?  

Trust your life to the fullest!  We were meant too!!  

Posting will be back on schedule - see you Wednesday!! 

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