(I always call it my specialty because this is what I NEEDED to hear before my journey!! - Sooooo your welcome!)

YEP! This whole getting healthy thing takes time and that is precisely one thing you got...whether you believe it or not!

You got 20-45 minutes to INVEST in your health each day for your workout...YOU DO...I promise!

That is one of my many excuses I used before, was that I had no time...but the TRUTH was...I DID and I had TONS of it....but I LOVED Netflixing and Redboxing it! LOL I was a total couch potato! Movies are and STILL my jam...I love watching them daily...but I have learned to prioritize my time better and so can you! ;)

I would go for a slow walk (like once a week - if that!!) and be like yep...done my part for the day, but just like this photo takes more than ONE time!

What I had done was build 10 years of lazy, silly habits...and it just made it that much harder to my message DON'T WAIT like me! Don't self sabotage yourself like I did.

Take a stand for what's important....YOU!

I promise you will be surprised at how much time you will discover when you really dig deep and WANT long lasting change!

One thing I tell my challengers is this....

When your kid's practice gets cancelled and you already dropped him/her you WORK AROUND that mishap to go get them!!?!? YES! You never leave them stranded am I right? 
.... is a concept...YOUR WORLD WILL NOT END if you tell your family that you are going to take 30 minutes to workout and have your ME TIME ....Guess what? They will work around your schedule...make that appointment today!!

Will you?

Need help with that appointment?

Ohhhhh ok I got you covered!! Our accountability groups are the BOMB DIGGITY!!

Soooo much love and support and honestly ...we are freaking rock stars...I want YOU to be one too!

Let's chat my peep!  (

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