Don't know my story or who I am??? Let me share!!!

My name is Rebecca Miller and I have been a coach for 2.5 years! I have a 4 year old son and I am happily married to my husband, Tony of 15 years. I work full time at a construction company, and do coaching part-time….but honestly….COACHING IS PASSION!!!

I love what it has done for me and here is why….

I was someone who was EXTREMELY addicted to the junk food. I could eat entire pizzas EASILY, tons of ice cream in a one setting and turn around for some candy bars. I got so bad that I was eating a case a week (36 candy bars) and this just didn’t happen once a week…no my friend…it was more like 3-4 times a week. :(

This caused me to become pre-diabetic, gain 60+ lbs., and get diverticulosis. I wouldn’t eat a green thing to save my soul and was only going to the bathroom once a month…SCARY AS HECK am I right? It was…for 10 years these habits manifested into my comfort zone!!

I did it all because I was an emotional eater. I wasn’t happy with myself or where we lived, but I knew I HAD to change, but I didn’t know how. I just knew if I would have continued with my ways, than I would have lost both of my legs like my grandma did. Her sugar got REALLY BAD…and the amounts I was taking in…my life was headed that way as well!

My daily constant thought - How could I be a new mom with all these health issues!?! I couldn’t take that and I worried about it all the time…but still did nothing….YES I was lazy as all get out and I gave EVERY EXCUSE in the book as to WHY I couldn’t get with it, but it was all BS! Just self-sabotage and lack of self love for myself!

My sister asked me to be in her wedding and I was like ABSOLUTELY! But, trying on dresses made me want to say….NO WAY, because they couldn’t even zip up a size 18-20 dress on me and I immediately became aware of how bad I let myself go. :( It was an eye opening experience when you go home feeling depressed, defeated, and wondering how the HECK did I get here!?!

I didn’t even take real action until I blacked out at work because my sugar got too high. THERE IT WAS…the moment I said I HAD ENOUGH!! CHANGE WAS GOING TO HAPPEN…My life depended on it and with my new baby boy I couldn’t let him down or leave his side because I was a dang slave to the chocolate! So I chose RIGHT THEN…NOW is my time to get with it…DO IT FOR SHAWN…MY HEALTH…MY SISTER’S WEDDING! They meant so much to me…how could I let them down!?!

So I saw my coach post something about 21 Day Fix and I reached out with questions! I was intrigued and I needed to do something at home because let’s face it…the gym made me nervous and I didn’t want to be stared at so I didn’t want to go that route!

I started it and within 21 days I lost 12 lbs…SUCCESS!! FINALLY!! Eating Greens and I was on my chocolate goodies (super dense nutrition) and BOY was I feeling amazing and becoming regular! ;)

Why did I let FEAR of failure hold me back? Because it took showing up every day…but you know what? I kept trucking and now I am 55 lbs. and 26.5 inches down and I am feeling my BEST self!

I couldn’t have done it without my coach Cheryl, the tools our company provides, our team pages, our accountability groups because they made difference for me…they taught me self-love, personal development, and how to eat…because Lord knows I struggled in that department!

So if you are on the fence of WHY you should just go for it! Than release that FEAR…because it changed my life for the better!!

My story inspires a lot because I was soooo bad off and if I can go from THAT to what I am NOW…than so can you!!

It has changed my life and I am FOREVER grateful that I was able to get myself straightened out, at home, feeling stronger, and more empowered than I have EVER FELT before! I am 36 but I swear…I am 15-20 lbs. away from that high school weight and I KNOW I will get there with my kick butt team!

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