So it just dawned on me today that next month marks exactly 3 years that I signed up to be a coach.  Can you believe it??  Three years?  Has it seriously been that long?  Sure doesn't feel like it!  

A lot has happened in those three years.  I feel like I need to share the opportunity with you...just in case YOU can benefit from it some way!  

For starters, yes you can earn an income while helping others get healthy and fit, all while working on your own goals.  What I do is a legit business where I get a 1099 tax form at the end of the no worries there!  

But you know what you gain from being a Team Beachbody Coach?  Not only 25% discount on all products, programs, apparel, supplements, etc. but you get your life back in the process! 

True story, because it happened to me!  I was someone who was extremely addicted to the junk food, as you know, and for these programs to come into my life at the perfect time was a GAME CHANGER!  

When my coach, Cheryl, said you could earn 25% off the products you are already using AND help others in the process, I thought...sure...why not? 

I was actually humbled she even thought I could do it! LOL  Because when I first started out...I was nothing but negative, I didn't believe in myself, and I sure as heck had issues with my nutrition!  PLUS I was extremely SHY!  How could I ever post on social media, have people watch and judge me??

Sure don't get me wrong...people judge me EVERY DAY...they would EVEN if I wasn't sharing about what is working for me.  So I decided to do it.  I was scared, but SOMETHING just kept pulling me towards this opportunity. 

To be honest, I even put a deadline on we will see where I am in a year.  If I am not doing well...than I will quit.  Well......I couldn't quit.  I had lots of people reaching out to me telling me I was an inspiration...I was helping them...they were helping me with my journey and before I knew it...I found my passion!  

This isn't for takes work...dedication...patience...BUT if you feel something in your heart that maybe this COULD be for you...than I suggest giving it a try and LEARNING more about it!  A little info on the biz never hurt anyone!  

We have a Sneak Peek into Coaching group going on right now on Facebook if you want to learn more about it. 


Don't have Facebook, but still are curious?  Check out this VIDEO to get a glimpse of the business opportunity and what it COULD offer you!!  

Like I isn't for everyone...but the ENERGY in our bigger groups is amazing!  They are so helpful and supportive that I couldn't have had the success that I did without them! 

So if you got questions...let me know...if you want in the group...just say "ADD ME" (make sure we are friends on Facebook) and I will add you to the group where you can LEARN and get the INFO to see if YOU are a good candidate for it!  

Who could change your life like it did mine!  

Chat with you soon!  

Rebecca MillerComment