Wouldn’t it be great to have a superhero who had the power to create health? 

Well, with its Supernutrient powers, my chocolate goodies is that superhero!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!! 

Supernutrients are what’s inside superfoods – it’s what makes them so good for you.

Drinking a glass of Supernutrient-rich goodness like this one...EVERY DAY gives your body the nutrition it needs to boost immunity, increase energy, curb cravings, and more.

Next month will mark 3 years of feeling amazing with it! 

You ask what has it done for me? Let's make a list...shall we? #nerdlifeisfun LOL

**Keeps me regular and my digestive system super healthy - especially with diverticulitis it can be hard...but not for me in these last 3 years...I am well...REGULAR. LOL 

**Helps with my sugar levels - Bloodwork has been amazing! No more pricking my finger 3 times a day! I feel so great because I am not getting dizzy or blacking out from my sugar getting to high or to low from sugar crashes! 

**Curbs my insane junk food cravings!! No more wanting 36 candy bars a week or ALL THE PIZZA! Don't get me wrong...I still have pizza...but in a totally different way! 

**Provides me with a kick butt immune system - haven't been sick in 3 years! #BIGWINFORME - Used to have ALL KINDS of sinus infections etc. 

**I have great energy! I am able to keep up with my workouts...and LIFE! 

So while you might think this is just another protein shake...I am here to say...You couldn't be FURTHER from the truth! This is whole foods baby...all natural...over 70+ vitamins and minerals from whole foods like pomegranate, moringa, gingko, yacon root, bilberry, rose hips, acerola cherries, Goji berries, maca root, chia seeds and even astragalus root! (The list goes on and on!) 

So don't tell me it is JUST another protein shake because it isn't! The company who makes this puts the farms who grow these ingredients to the HIGHEST standards and if they slack...we don't buy from them anymore! 

So superfood shake is HEALTHY....NATURAL...and it feels good that I am not putting artificial crap in my system...

I am feeding it the GOOD stuff! Plus it tastes AMAZING!! EEKKK Something I look forward to EVERY DAY! 

Want more info? 

Let's chat! 

I would LOVE to get you feeling as good as I do TODAY!!

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