House of Hounds took this amazing photo last week and it captures how beautiful brown she truly is! She is silky smooth and one of the sweetest dogs ever! She protects Shawn still from my tickling hands and always wants to play with a bouncing ball!

Hard to believe she will be 8 months old on February 26th!! Almost a year, but she still has a lot of puppy in her! LOL

For the most part, she goes to the door when she needs to potty, eats 3 cups of food a day, and has a sensitivities to poultry! She LOVES rabbit, deer, and buffalo meat! LOL She is still pretty lazy but loves to run outside!

Her flaws?? She is a big BABY and is afraid of a lot of stuff!! PLUS…she stinks! LOL AND she eats rabbit poop and LOVES to eat lava rocks!! UGH! I dig out what I can, but the dog can’t be trusted outside for very long! She will even eat other dog fur if left alone at House of Hounds…sooo crazy!!

Overall…she is Shawn’s buddy who he still LOVES forever and always! He snuggles with her and tells her she is beautiful as he kisses her sweet head!

A boy and his pup….his life is complete with her!! (All while she drives me crazy and costs me a fortune LOL - the things we do for our kids)

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