Be a FREAK in a NORMAL world!!!

Lol. That is what one of my chapters was about in my new personal development!! 

So many might not agree with what I do when it comes to coaching or might even think it is weird or stupid... But being different is a GREAT thing!! 💯

I see things differently... I am positive in the darkness, and I know how I have changed due to coaching so I know it can change lives because I am one of those people!!

So yeah... I will be different... I will be a FREAK if it changes me for the good!

He shared a story about a crab cage that once they are caught they could easily crawl out the top but they never do... The crabs just keep piling in... Because that is what everyone else does... When one tries to get away... Others pull him down... Will hold him back and never let him leave.😭

That is how negative people are... They try to hold you back and will hurt you emotionally... Sooooo after hearing this detailed story, it made me think... I am OK to be a FREAK in a normal world... I am pretty stubborn and I don't ever plan on sticking to any other mold!

And guess what?? That is refreshing and exciting!!! 🙌🙌💯💜

What about you?? Freak or Normal??

Wanna learn more about what I do as a coach??

Sneak peek is happening my friend and YOUR Invited!!! 💯🙌💯💜

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