Every day I post on my social media through Facebook and Instagram and I share my THOUGHT OF THE DAY…Here was today’s post. I am doing T20 - an intense step cardio program that is only 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week, for 6 weeks and it is TOUGH…but I am doing it!

Stronger today!!! 💪 Liked this one and done pretty good with it!! Improvements today for sure!! 🙌💯😍. I pushed hard and my eyes are burning lol👀🔥👀

Today's thought 💭

💜Don't hold yourself back!! 💜

Sometimes fear will get the best of us and we end up believing in that emotion that isn't real...our lovely mind tricks us because it is built to protect us and help us survive.

So when people think exercise and getting healthy is some awful daunting task, they have fear that they will fail, they will not see results so why try? Am I right??

This is exactly HOW I used to think before I started. I was afraid of failure because I had tried so many things out there before.

What's different now??

I stopped holding myself back and started to say YOU CAN instead of YOU CAN'T!!

Be positive in your thoughts my friend because when you aren't... Your just holding yourself back from results!! 💜💯💜

So what will you do today that will push your TOWARDS your goals?

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