That's right!! My coaching side gig might not mean a thing to you and that is ok... You don't have to get it or understand it. The ones that I have helped get it... They understand it... And they know it's purpose... And it is because of me they didn't give up!

I want to make it one day... Like seriously build a business that is big and can stand on its own feet and for me to stand back and be like wow....I did that... I made it... And look at how many lives have changed along the way. 😘😘😘😘

What an incredible business opportunity for someone that is looking for a special gift they can give someone else. What is that gift?? Their story!!! Everyone struggles, yes we are blessed, but we all have something that we struggle with... No matter how big or small. (If you don't, then you got some secrets that I need to learn! 😜😜)

When we took Shawn to Super Hero Day a couple of years ago, Batman said if you don't tell your story than you can't help people. No one can relate to you. When he told his, it was powerful. He overcame a horrible childhood.... But he didn't let it define him. He shared his inspiration to never give up and for that... His story.... He helped so many adults and kids.

So yes, I am in the business of sharing my struggles with you, telling you my life, my health and fitness journey, and sharing what a love I have for my husband and son.

When someone relates to me, it clicks and I can help them because I can be their inspiration. That feels great knowing you aren't the only one feeling like this.

So yeah, there is a business opportunity for someone who is able to tell a story, be themselves, and be passionate about helping others.

If that is you, then we need to chat like ASAP. Because you are missing out on an incredible business opportunity that could change your life forever.

One day, I want you to grow your business and be like Wow.... I made it, too! P

Feel free to fill out the online form and I will get back to you!! CLICK HERE TO GET IT!!

Plus….I am LOVING my purple hair - went out of the comfort zone and I think it looks great - not screaming but still purple - my favorite color - in case you haven’t figured that out from my website! LOL