Let's have a little flashback to my very first workout! LOL

Oh dear how did I let myself get this way, this is so freaking hard? !?!?!
Maybe I should give up?
What if I fail?
Pretty sure this chick is trying to kill me!!
She wants me to do what with my leg!??! 
Oh crap....gonna feel that tomorrow!!
I thought I was stronger than this??
Why do my limbs feel like noodles!??

Yeah all these questions and more happened on my first workout! Did I WANT to do it? HECK NO! But I knew I HAD too! I struggled with every move, especially lunges because my knees were so weak and they just made noises every time I bent them. Let me just be real for second...I hated every moment of it! I despised it! I wanted it to end within the first 5 minutes but I had NO CHOICE...I had to keep going!

WHY you ask? Because my sister's wedding was within a year and I had 50 pounds to lose! The dress didn't come in a bigger size so I was stuck...it had to come off...I was the maid of honor. I had to be there for her. She is my best friend and I couldn't let her down. So I stuck it out...day in and day out. Even when I wanted to give up, I kept going. She believed in me even though I didn't!

Guess what? In 9 months I met my goal...I lost 40 lbs. and 26.5 inches with hard work and healthy eating habits! This momma freaking did it! I had so much struggles with my workouts. I would cry, I would be sore, and I bleed a few times (yeah I am pretty clumsy), but as each day kept going I got stronger and stronger...even faster on some of the moves.

So believe me...working out sucks in the beginning, especially if you aren't used to it. But it does get easier and you do get better. With a mindset change, I changed my life and my attitude and I know with my help, I can get you started on your first hurdle...it is called your first workout. Let me help you change your life!

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