I created a simple 3 day group to get us working moms, or if you don't work, to do more creative stuff with our kids and become closer with each other!

At the end of the school year, Shawn's teacher said he could care less about art, painting, cutting with scissors, etc., and I need to work on that with him...so I thought we could do this together!

I am NOT the BEST at art activities, BUT I will share what I find and provide tips on involving your kids MORE in your daily life instead of letting the phone or TV baby sit them!

We will even go LIVE a few times and do these activities together! I will communicate with Shawn and show you how I keep our conversations going and building an everlasting LOVING relationship! Not going to lie...he could say or DO anything...Going to be FUN though! LOL

Since Shawn is my ONLY child I feel like I am missing out...so I wanted to reconnect with him and I thought WOW...what a better way then to involve OTHER mom's who might feel like I do!

*******We start July 1st - July 3rd!!!*******

Join this group if you are interested!!


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