10 common fears and some of MY fears and thoughts in regards to FAILING:

1.  I tried other things before and nothing worked…why would this be any different?

2.  I am afraid to fail in my journey and share it on my page.

3.   I am afraid of not succeeding in this business.

4.   I am afraid of not helping enough people.

5.   I am afraid I am not coach material.

6.   I am afraid I would give up and revert back to old ways therefore undoing everything I done.

7.    I was afraid to let my son down as a mom because I loved junk food and it was hindering my health.

8.    I was terrified of my past because I had such a bad junk food addiction I was afraid I couldn’t break those bad habits and take on something new.

9.    I was afraid I would be considered weird or crazy when I talked about my junk food habits and people would make fun of my story.

10.   I was afraid of letting my sister down on her wedding day – I couldn’t fit in ANY of the dresses she wanted.

Soooo many fears and concerns crossed my mind when this business opportunity presented itself!!    

But guess what?

If I never ALLOWED myself to TRY then I would NOT be able to say that Team Beachbody helped me get my life back.  It helped me conquer things I didn’t think was even possible…it helped me realize I CAN…I WILL…and I AM WORTH IT! 

These programs, groups, and our AMAZING team is EXACTLY what I needed in order to crush these fears and doubts in order to be where I am today.   I am currently an Emerald Coach and working towards Diamond, and I am very consistent when it comes to my workouts. I have been for over 3 years now and that is saying something especially when I was INACTIVE for 10 years!  I get to run and play with my son …without gasping for air and my health has NEVER been better!!  I have more love for myself than I ever have, and it is because I refused to believe I was a failure anymore. 

I needed this desperately in order to change because I couldn’t have done it on my own.  That is the beauty of this business, this team, and our programs…it works together so well that you see success in every aspect of your life…emotionally, mentally, physically, and even financially.  Of course that depends on YOU…will YOU want success more than your excuses…will YOU allow yourself to TRY…will you say YES to a new you!?? 

I had to REALLY want my results MORE than I wanted to use my excuse of being a failure…I vowed THIS WILL WORK and it did because I WORKED and got out of my comfort zone and went for it!

I made a powerful WHY and reminded myself DAILY that I was doing this for my son, my health, the wedding and it pushed me through that fear of failure…because honestly…How could I look my son in the face and say, “Mommy chose junk food and now she has diabetes and will be in horrible health…I can’t keep up with you so go play by yourself!”  HOW could I EVER say that?  That was in essence exactly what I was doing when I was sneaking in that junk food late at night and eating 36 candy bars a week and mounds and mounds of pizza.

So that thought rang in my head every day I pressed play…Every day I got better and stronger in my journey and in this business…and today…I am down 55+ lbs. and over 26.5 inches because I pushed AGAINST the word FAILURE! 

This business and our team is pushing me to be a better coach and I am passionate about helping others and seeing their success!  I love what we do as coaches, but I would have NEVER got to experience ANY of it, IF I didn’t try and stop using my fear of failure as a crutch to not pursue my goals and dreams. 

So I ask…

How would your life be different if you REFUSE to accept failure as your excuse? 

The possibilities are endless, but it all starts with YOU and getting out of YOUR own way! 

Rebecca MillerComment