Sometimes I find it hard to believe that almost 60 lbs and 26.5+ inches have disappeared from this body... It does not seem that long ago some days and some days it feels like a lifetime.

All I know is that I am grateful that the old me stopped with the excuses... Finally slowed her roll when it came to the junk food, and finally started to exercise.

I was someone who was extremely addicted to the junk food....I could eat entire pizzas (in fact... I think I still could 😞😒😬😬) and mounds and mounds of chocolate per week (like 36 king size candy bars.. Caramello to be exact)... Multiple times per day. 😩😩

No I am not proud of these poor habits and honestly it is hard to admit some days... BUT I let emotional eating take over.

So if you are like me... Then I am here to share that you CAN overcome these crazy habits and you don't have to be alone to do it.

We can lean on each other for support!! 💜. I know what it is like and I can guide you through the process and the programs I took to help... Trust me... They are game changers!! 💜 💯

If you need help my friend... I am here for you.. Let's chat!!

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