Have you ever thought that you couldn't do something OR maybe just felt like it was this daunting task to handle? 
Did you tell yourself you wasn't cut out for it? 
Did you talk down to yourself like you couldn't achieve something so far out of reach? 

I think we ALL have done this at some point in our life, BUT have you EVER told yourself that you COULD do it or achieve it?  

Think about it like this...if my kid or my spouse was going through a tough time - how would I encourage them?  What would you say to them to brighten their spirits and keep them motivated?  You would be all kinds of positive right?  I would be!! 

So....Why don't we encourage ourselves like this?   We are really our own WORST critiques and for what?  We don't achieve anything by thinking this way. 

I want you to THINK before you FEEL that way.  Sometimes we are so accustomed to thinking this way it is hard to pull ourselves out of a funk.  

So when that feeling arises, think how you would lift your kid or spouse up and encourage them to take on something BIGGER than themselves.  Otherwise, how will we ever grow as an individual?  How do improve when we are too afraid of the unknown?  You can' the way of thinking has to change.  

I was listening to Joyce the other day and she said we have POWER within.  That struck me as amazing!!  I mean you know who is backing you up in every step of life?  God...

God is within and he gives you POWER and LOVE and so much to live for!  Be brave for courageous and set out to do something GREAT!  

"You don't have to be GREAT to start, but you have to START to be great!"  By Zig Ziglar

This was me when I first started my journey.  I made so many excuses as to why I could NEVER get with it...but really I just HAD TO START or none of my goals and dreams would have EVER came true! 

We let our excuses hold us back but trust me...there is POWER within you...You ARE great at something...You CAN achieve your health and fitness goals...and YOU CAN do hard things!  I know it is me...I KNOW!  

But you got the power within to make it happen.  You got to believe in got to take ONE day at time, ONE workout at a time, and ONE meal at time. 

THAT my friend is the secret sauce to results - consistency and focusing on ONE day at time. 

I let the excuses take over and as a coach, there is NOTHING more I want to get across is that you don't have to let them win.  The power is within you to CRUSH those excuses and get with it. 

Just got to have a deeper REASON to care...a WHY that means so much to you that you would not give up.  That is how you muster up your POWER pray to God for strength, you rely on that found strength and you show up every single day because your body needs movement! 

Remember what stays in motion remains in motion.  So think about how you want your future self to get around!  This is not just for the NOW results!  This is for LIFE my friend! 

So if you want to focus on just FITNESS alone than we can do that...If you want to focus on NUTRITION alone...we can do that too! Just stick with something so it becomes a habit and go to the next goal to work on.  I know life gets busy, but you got to take care of will you take care of your busy family?

I am not just saying this to make you think you have limited time, but honestly...we aren't promised tomorrow, BUT if you are working on a better future NOW...and you see it happen...then wouldn't it all be worth it now?  

Something to think about my friend!! 

Oh and if you are ready to get started and join my next group to FOCUS on ONE THING at time...then I got you covered!   

Check out some FITNESS options below!  I would be glad to help you find your POWER within!  

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