Yes, we all know I have lost weight BUT let's talk non-scale victories for a moment!

For starters... My clothes are fitting better and that makes me feel good about myself! Before I felt like I couldn't rock jeans... Because maternity clothes would be the only thing that would fit me, and no I wasn't even pregnant. 😳😬😩

I could not do a single push-up when I started the program... Now I can do 20...yes I have built up to that!! Push-ups were NEVER my friend!! Lol now I can rock them close to a minute... May get a little shaky but better than before! Much improvement!! Yessssssss 😎😎

Arm strength! What a difference there!! Went from struggling with 2 lb. weights to 15 pounders now! Plus I am using 30 lb. resistance bands... They are tough!! 😂😅

Even my thighs are smaller... I am finally seeing my transformation as more than just a number on the scale!! Squaring with weights that are 20 - 35 lbs... And no longer the 10's!

But the absolute best part?? Keeping up with my wild child Shawn... No longer is my weight defining what I can and can't do with him!!! 💯 So forever grateful, because he is one fast cookie! 💜


What will it do for YOU, if you just stick with it for 30 minutes a day!?!

Wanna find out?? 

I am gearing up for my next group and your Invited!! 💜

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