So today is our anniversary! 🎉💜🎉 We have been married for 16 years and were together for two years prior to that! Here was our young selves back in the day! LOL One of my favorite pictures of us on our special day. #ourweddingday

Tony is my rock, protector, and someone who I can get silly with. He is my best friend who has given me a wonderful life.

He is always there to help when I need it and cares for his family always.

What more can a girl ask for??

We went to Kauai, HI on our honeymoon and done all kinds of awesome things like riding in a helicopter, going to luau, snorkeling, boat rides, and other cool stuff! We have the best time together.

We go on vacations every year and try to explore new things and with Shawn in our lives now it has changed a lot... We need more date nights!! LOL

I love you Tony Miller! Happy Anniversary babe, I love you with all my heart!

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