Today's thought ðŸ’­

💜Be the example you want your kids to follow!💜

I always try to led by example when it comes to healthy eating and habits... More water, balanced dinners, veggies, fruit, protein, and good carbs! Shawn knows the food groups and asks questions when he isn't sure... Which is fantastic... Means he wants to learn and is aware!

💜Shawn Matthew... I will always do my best by you... I will do what I can to lead you to value your life and your health because one day you will be a daddy and you will see how truly important your kids are to you. ðŸ’œ

This my friend, is something you can give your child for years to come... They will thank you later, because we are fighting an obesity crisis and we as the parents have the control as to what we feed our kids... So don't slack in this area... It is just as important!

Why am I saying this??

Because I am a tough love motivator meaning you might not always like what I say... BUT it is the truth ðŸ’¯. I wish someone was tough with me when I let myself go... I was stubborn, hard headed, and stuck in my old ways.. Plus there were times I felt I was to far gone to be changed... But so glad I changed my mindset about that. 

Do you struggle with being the example?

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