See this little guy right here... He is my son who gave me a reason to get healthy and fit... He wasn't the only one... But he was the BIG one!!

The BIG one made me realize that I could never leave him... Meaning die from my unhealthy habits. Sure you might think that is extreme... But that is what I thought about daily when my weight spiraled out of control to 215 lbs and I was struggling.

I was struggling to keep up as he grew bigger and bigger and I was struggling to keep my eyes open because I was tired all the time.

Eating all that junk good will make you have sugar crashes left and right and it got high enough to black out one day.😬😱

So I had choice... Choose the junk food or his precious face...🤔 Give him a mother that was lazy, unhealthy, and one that couldn't really play with him because the joints hurt to get up and down and I couldn't run to save my soul...😱😰


A mom that was healthy and fit... One that would be playing with him... Not just watching him on the sidelines... But actually interacting with him... One that felt good, had energy, and could instill healthy habits.

Yep... I chose the 2nd option... Because my junk food addiction was out of control... I couldn't imagine losing both of my legs to sugar like my grandmother did. What kind of life would that be for me and to Shawn??

Could you imagine?? I couldn't stand it... So I put my excuses aside and got with it... Because I choose what was important... And I still do it this day... 3.5 years later... You ask all the time... There is another workout post from Rebecca...how does she do it??

I found a powerful reason...A WHY to better myself and I am not going back to that person... But I thank her because she made me realize life is too short to waste and for me to be more grateful for it.

So yep, Because of my past... I can see now that I am a more stronger, consistent, and happier person...

I can't see all the bad when that type of good came from it. But I gotta ask...

When will your change happen if you are looking for one? Better yet...Need help finding your WHY??

Let's chat because sometimes discovering that piece of the puzzle is exactly what will keep you motivated!

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