Because I haven't done this in a while! Sooo many new peeps coming into my page and I want you to get to know me better!!

First off...THANK YOU, THANK YOU for liking my page or following me in some way....I hope I inspire you to be your BEST!

Soooo the true nerd in me loves LISTS! Soooo here we go!!

🤓 I am really good with long as I have a calculator or an excel spread sheet (never said I was perfect - LOL)

🤓 I am mom to a 5 year old, Shawn...and I have been married to Tony for 15 years - together for 17! Our secret? Trust and allowing each other Our Own Time!

🤓 I NEVER wanted kids at took me 10 years to finally say yes...than we tried for 2 I am older mom! LOL #wisdomItellya

🤓 I am super blind without my glasses or contacts...can't see past 5 inches without them! I actually have had glasses since I was in kindergarten...walked right into a stop sign and I told my mom I couldn't see it...she felt like crap - #momfail LOL But all is good and when I got my glasses I could see actual LEAVES on trees - #WINNING

🤓 I worked at our local Dairy Queen making ice cream and blizzards during high school - I do believe that is where my LOVE for ice cream came from - Just saying! (FYI - Oreo or anything chocolate/caramel is still my favorite!!)

🤓 I knew growing up I wanted to work in an office - so I went to our local trade school and studied medical secretary! LOL What I am doing now? Construction!! Haha been in the biz since I was 20 years old!

🤓 We went to Kauai, HI for our honeymoon!! Sooo beautiful over there - took a helicopter ride of the island, went to a luau (actual pig smoked in the ground - EEWWW), snorkeling, boat rides, and sooo much more fun stuff with my hubby!

🤓 I love jewelry, purses, and movies about super heroes and I love watching fights in movies! LOL what a combo right?

🤓 Baby is my FIRST EVER inside dog - Gotta admit - nervous as heck when we got her...but she stays glued to me...she is spunky at times, but overall a really good dog for us. I did have a rabbit at one time and it was potty trained to go on a puppy pad. Thumper was his name! LOL

🤓 I am someone who is independent but also shy until you get to know me...and I get ANGRY when I see people hurting other people - especially kids bullying...I can't stand it! Oh and I do have some road rage because I drive is where we grew up with a dad who raced Mopar cars...LOL I blame him. HAHA

🤓 I am a online health and fitness coach who helps peeps with their junk food addiction - which is crazy because I used to do it hard core - ENTIRE pizzas, 36 candy bars a week, and MOUNDS of ice cream galore! Soooo I know what you are struggling with and believe me...YOU CAN BEAT IT! I am down 55 lbs and I share my tips within my FREE support group if you are ever interested, than you are welcome too it!!

So that is just some fun facts about me! Like I said...thanks for coming to my page! I love what I do and I am passionate about helping others who need my help and I love sharing my life on here!

If you are new to this page, I say "Welcome...It's soooo nice to "meet" you!!!"

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