Where in the world would I be without Beachbody??!! I was sitting here thinking about all the things I accomplished and how the struggle was REAL on many days...but I freaking made it and guess what?? I am still alive and I am a better person for it! So much more happiness in my life than what I had before!

I remember struggling just doing the simple moves that I once could do before I gained 50+ lbs. after 10 years of bad habits with junk food, being super lazy, and stuck in my comfort zone – In front of the TV. I wanted to live in the comfort zone, it was SAFE there...but you know what...I NEVER changed there...I remained miserable there.

I knew I needed something bigger in order for me to stick with it. I tried everything before and nothing worked…but then I saw my coach post about a program – 21 Day Fix and I was intrigued…could this be for me? Will this work? She says they offer support? Well I definitely need that!! Let’s do this…Heck why not…what did I have to lose with the guarantee!?!

When I done my first workout…I thought...oh geez Rebecca...what have you done to yourself – how did you let yourself get this BAD!?!? I used to run and workout, but 10 years of bad habits add up and are definitely no good for you. I would cry so hard at night after I begin my journey because my goal seemed so far away!!

BUT…Now I have 15 lbs. left to go and it has been the best time of my life when I look at the big picture! Working out every day, checking in with our team, doing these AMAZING programs with our super trainers and Shakeology!!

OMGEEEE…this superfood health food shake has helped my insane junk food cravings, helped regulate my sugar, and fuels my body with what it needs and craves!

Plus, I suffer from diverticulitis and there was one point in my unhealthy life, that I didn’t go for a month…soooo Shakeology has really helped my digestive health! Never will I miss a day and never will I give it up!

When my coach presented me with the coaching opportunity, I was taken back to the fact that ME...the most negative person, could ever do something like this. I wasn't always rainbows and sunshine guys...I even still have my days, but THIS coaching business has forever changed my mindset. I now can react differently because I can distinguish between excuse and fear. It has helped me stick with it and it WAS my answered prayer!! My health has improved and I feel so amazing these days!!

Believe me...the mental side of it is wayyyyy worse than the actual workouts – Lol – Self-doubt and self-sabotage was my biggest hurdles....BUT with coaching and the support...I can now say I have changed my ways!

I have been a coach for 2.5 hours, and I will be forever grateful for everything that Beachbody, my coach, and this KICK BUTT team has given to me. Beachbody gave me the tools to conquer my weight loss and excessive junk food consumption, and a business opportunity to help my family financially, and THIS team helps you with all of it!

So YES...this is me thanking Beachbody for my awesome transformation and an awesome business opportunity. I am so thankful, I stepped out of the comfort zone and said YES!

If you want more out of life, then let us share this business opportunity with you. I want YOU to have the same transformation as me if not better!

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

Remember staying in the comfort zone gets you nowhere!

Rebecca MillerComment