When you decide to take selfie before you wake up Shawn for school this morning... This happened.... Confidence 💜😎💜

You have it?? 

We all lack it from time to time but on the rare occasion you feel it... You embrace it.

I was telling one of my challengers today that we are never 100% happy with ourselves... We always pick out our flaws and beat ourselves up, BUT we need to take note of all the wonderful things we ARE, more often!! Give yourself GRACE!!!

So NO this is not a bragging post... This is a post about how far it took me to get to this point (being positive and confident with myself) ... It takes time to boot a whole LOT of negative!!

So I want to share 5 things I am confident about TODAY!!! 

1. Rebecca your a great mom to Shawn!!! You show him faith, love, God, and how to be a strong, independent human... Lol like yourself 😘 He talks Bible with my Dad 😍😍

2. Rebecca you are a natural born leader!!! If given a task you tackle it until it is complete!!! (Aka... Remove 11-12 truck loads of lava rock without giving up...answered 80+ messages in 3 days and took care of business!!) (Helping challengers break past some mental barriers with your tough love motivation!)

3. Rebecca you are a caring person and someone who your friends and family can count on!!! You need me?? I am there!! 🙌💯

4. Rebecca you have a great smile and a quirky sense of humor and love to laugh often!!! You are blessed and finally see how you should feel grateful every day for your life and your health... Never taking it for granted... Ever again!! 🙏

5. Rebecca you are changing physically, your hard work is paying off, you will achieve your goals, because you are a fighter... A stubborn one, and that is OK... You are not giving up because you have so much to live for!!! Plus you look pretty cute in these slimmer pants today. 😂😂

What are 5 things you can be confident about TODAY!!!?? 

Write it out, own and feel it my friend!!!

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