Who is this girl anyways?!? LOL So crazy to think my goal was to fit in that blue dress - it was hated and loved by me!! LOL Loved it because it really is a pretty dress! LOL BUT I HATED it because it made me work! LOL IT made me eat healthy and it made me do things out of the comfort zone.....GRRRR!! LOL What about my pizza, what about my blizzards, and what about my dang candy bars!?!? LOL I loved ALL those things and more!!

Now I can look at it and thank it, because without it it, I wouldn't have pushed hard for my sister's wedding. Order a bigger size?? Not a option for this dress! Highest it went to was a 16! Luckily when I reached her wedding date I was able to get it returned for a size 14! Whoo whoo!

Don't think you can get results like mine?? Why not?? You are just as capable as I was - if not more! Are you addicted to chocolate in such a way you hide 36 candy bars and eat them in one week - Probably not! LOL Soooo seeee you are already ahead of the game! LOL I didn't eat a single veggie to save my soul. Now I am! Was it easy? Nope, but absolutely worth it!

I am sorry quick fixes will keep it off for good without proper diet and exercise. Sure you can get patches and pills, but do you seriously want to be on those things for the rest of your life?? OR do you want to learn how to get energy naturally and not with artificial ingredients that you will have to be on as long as you want that "high"?? I mean seriously think about it.

When I started my journey, I wanted to do it the natural way so I can learn and sustain the weight loss without it having to come back on and believe me folks - I have found the answer! Exercise, portion control, and proper nutrition. Sound difficult? A little at first because it is new...but once you have the steps under your belt then change happens and you begin to think to yourself...WOW...I am really freaking doing it!!!

So I invite you to my accountability group! You will receive your program, 30 days of chocolate goodies, portion control containers, eating plan, access to my groups, ME as your coach and tons of learning on meal prep, recipes, and even over 30 + how to videos. You will get lifetime support that you don't have to pay for. Does your gym membership do that? Yeah I think not!

So are you ready to stop wasting time on things that don't work and actually learn something that will teach you a LIFESTYLE that you can do forever...not just for 30 days?

Message or email me for more details. We start May 20th!! Let's do this!!  (


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