Just look at the life changing experience our programs can offer!!!  I am sharing one of MANY success stories today.  This post came from our CEO - Carl D. ...and when he posted it...I had to share it with you! 


Because you hear me inviting you to challenge/accountability groups all the time - your invite is always there...but the real progress happens when you actually join AND participate!  NO I don't mean just sit back and don't interact...I am talking REALLY share and post your struggles and your experiences within our support group...then and only then, will you become apart of our FIT family!  

Some say they will do the programs, but until you PLUG IN to our groups and our support, then you never fully realize how much us coaches can really help you!  

So check out his and her post and just think...what would happen if I ACTUALLY ENGAGE within the challenge group?  

“I weighed of 200 pounds since the 7th grade.” Get ready. I was preparing for a meeting Tuesday and I realized that this particular meeting had turned far too focused on financials and metrics, and had lost sight of the priority those metrics serve: to help people achieve their goals and lead more healthy fulfilling lives. So the team quickly pulled together some recent success stories to kick the meeting off grounded in the reason we are all working so hard. I think everyone in the room appreciated it, and I sure know I did.

This is Shanda Pickett who got an invitation to join a Beachbody Challenge group two years ago. And then she and the Group got to work, just like hundreds of thousands of people are doing right now in challenge groups that login to Beachbody on demand every single day. Since making that decision, she has lost 102 pounds in just over 2 years! How did she do it? Completing what she started. 21 Day Fix, PiYo, TurboFire, 21 Day Fix Extreme combined with Portion control and Shakeology and of course the support of her Challenge Groups.

She says: “The Challenge Groups definitely helped me stay motivated and on track. I never had support like that before. It was amazing sharing my journey with others and lending each other a hand to break through plateaus or to get past the hard weeks. And, always having someone rooting you on … I will forever be grateful for all the people I met through all of my Beachbody groups.”

“Physically, every part of my body has changed. I have lost 102 lbs in 2.3 years. I look like a completely different person. I don’t even recognize the girl I used to see in the mirror... that girl is history. A proud moment on this journey was doing my very first pull-up ever -- in my entire life. I used to say ‘if I had to do a pull-up to save my life, I would die because it was impossible’ ... well not anymore! Another big accomplishment was running a mile without stopping. I felt like wonder woman. You have to understand, I haven’t weighed under 200 lbs since maybe 7th grade. I never dreamed I would actually accomplish any of these things in my life...

Powerful story wasn't it? 

I love seeing people succeed, because they are the ones that didn't hold back, they said ENOUGH is ENOUGH, and they broke past some serious mental barriers to get the results!! 

I never said this would be easy...but WOW look at her smile now...I mean doesn't that just warm your heart!?  You don't have to CAN do this CAN achieve results, BUT will you PLUG IN?  OR will you THINK and ACT like you know what you are doing and do your own thing only to spin your wheels yet again?  The choice is yours! 

Our next group is starting SOON and I want you to JOIN MY NEW VIRTUAL BOOT CAMP!!  I really want you to take advantage of the Ultimate Portion Fix sale and DIAL IN your nutrition!  You are worth it and I know this program will give you results...guaranteed!!  


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