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Ok so when I first started on my journey I was the most negative nelly there was!  Seriously, I don't think I said the word "can't" enough....it was embedded in my vocabulary.  Yikes!!

When I was at Wal-Mart today, I walked down the aisle and there were a lot of "diet pills" promising all this weight loss and more energy.  I just frowned when I saw that.  I mean I can't comprehend someone using those pills all the time or really ever in my book.

When I first set out to begin this whole weight loss journey, I promised myself I would do my best to stay away from the diet pills and all the other crazy stuff, because I didn't want to rely on it.  I didn't want to hinder my success if I stopped using it, because I wanted something permanent.  Something that I could do forever.  I know I always say this, but this meant something to me and I was passionate about it. 

That IF I were to do this...then I would go all in, because this chick was scared of failing again.  So when I started, I had all the negative and some positive thoughts in my head...Saying you can do this, but another thought would be right behind it saying, "Yeah right Rebecca...like you did last time, right??"  Doubt would always set in.  That was so hard on me.  It was almost like a constant tug of war with my thoughts and my success.

It wasn't until I listened to my coach about personal development that changed everything.  If you haven't read my FREE 30 page challenge EBook, I highly recommend it.  Subscribe below to get it!

Doing this extra piece each day really changes a person, I didn't think it would, but it did!!  My first ever book I read was "Your a Bad Ass"!  LOL I know right...I chuckled too!  It was awesome though, it might me feel like I could accomplish anything, but I had to have positive thinking, and she showed me how. 

So I noticed when I started to read...things started to change drastically.  People came to me for help with their goals, my confidence was shining bright, and for the first time in a long time, when I looked in a mirror, I knew who I was.  I knew what I wanted and I didn't let anyone or any of my "mean girl" thoughts stop me from getting it!

Going at things with a positive attitude changes the outcome too!  Don't believe me?  Let me give you an example:

Instead of saying, "OMGEEE I have 50+ lbs. to lose, there is absolutely no way in heck I will accomplish this, because it will be so hard and I KNOW I will fail at this just like I did in the past."

If that thought crosses your mind you are going to switch it to the following:

"Ok, I have 50+ lbs. to lose.  That is not scary, that is not intimidating.  It is something I have done to myself over a course of "XYZ" years and I CAN and WILL fix it.  I can start now and make it right.  I will achieve success.  I had the power to do this to me, so I have the power to make it right.  I will work at this and no matter how long it takes me, I will never give up!   I will be doing this for me, for my health, for my life, and for my family.  I am a strong person who has a powerful reason to care for the body that God blessed me with.  It is capable of many things and I owe it to myself to take care of my temple.  I will do this, I can do this, I will not give up!  I am ready to buckle down and prove to myself that I am capable of success because I am worth it and deserve it!!!!!!"  

See how much more calming and positive that is?  If you stopped and heard some of the stuff you think and say it out loud...how will it come across?  Negative or positive? 

Remember it is all about catching that bad thought and twisting it to a positive one.  It can be done, and it definitely takes practice, but it is something you can start right now. 

I had to change many of my thoughts throughout my day...not just once a day...but multiple times a day.  Like I said...it takes practice.  Now, I can catch them coming on and before I even let it breathe, I am squashing it with a positive thought. 

Life is a daily struggle if you are negative, am I right? BUT (yes there is a big ole' BUT in there), YOU CAN CHANGE IT!!  You don't have to always be that way. 

My recommendation is to practice replacing negative thoughts with positive ones daily, keep a journal (or use Evernote - it is online and FREE), and read a personal development book once a month.  I use Amazon Audible...easy breezy!  Mark down all the things you are grateful for.  Sometimes just seeing it in black and white makes all the difference.  WE ALL have something to be grateful for. 

My question to you is, how will positive thinking change your life and mindset??   Make a motivation board if that will help...Pinterest has tons of ideas on this!!

YAY!!  Get deliberate and get busy my friend...you have some positive thoughts coming your way...get excited about that!  I know I am! :)

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