Ok so you know I have been working on my 80 day program where we focus on abs and booty...yeah well...IT IS STARTING TO PAY OFF!!  EEEEKKK I can't explain how happy I am to see something back there other than a flat butt. LOL  BOOTY GAINS - JUST SAYING!! 

This takes work guys!  No joke...the amount of weight I have to lift is insane...but it is working!  I take in about 1800 - 2000 calories per day now and it is amazing how much better I feel as far as being satisfied and rested, because I have been getting a lot more rest here lately...going to bed by 9:30 is really helping!  

I used to think I could never shape or transform my body into what I truly wanted.  I don't believe that is the case anymore with this program.  It is helping me realize if I want something, I must put in the work, but anything is possible!  PLUS, I don't have to starve myself to get it!  

That is the thing guys, please know this....if you take on a journey...DO NOT...I repeat...DO NOT under eat to lose weight.  First off, it isn't healthy.  Second, you have to fuel your body to function.  If you under eat and don't have balanced nutrition it will be super hard to stick with it and you will get just tired of it and fall of track.  Am I right??

I am telling you, the portion control system I use along with these fitness programs is where it is at!  It is the BEST nutrition - real food you eat to help you transform your health, your mindset, and your overall attitude about getting healthy and fit!   Sometimes we eye roll at the sound of a diet because we all know they don't work.  What I for LIFE!  

So many times, I have seen people fall of track and it just gets plain right discouraging!  For what?  So they can keep falling off track and restarting that vicious cycle?  I am telling you there is a better way!  

I want you to go in with a positive attitude and just know it will take time.  Patience is key my friend and we must work on ourselves every single day to improve it!  Otherwise, we slip into old habits and just feel guilty.  STOP THE CYCLE!  Only YOU have the power to do so!  

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