Ok here is the official pictures for my day 50 results! Overall I am pretty happy because change is happening!! PLUS I see changes in the pictures which always makes me smile and feel very proud of how far I have came!!

Honestly, this meal plan is SUPER easy for me to follow and I LOVE how satisfied I feel....not starving and not deprived!

LOVE Refeed days and the fact that I can still see results like this after eating 1800 - 2000 calories amazes me! The best part - I haven't really had a salad in 50 days!!! SOOOO happy about that...they sometimes get really old, not going to lie. I love this style of eating because it just plain and simple works!

So excited to see the next phase results - THE SHRED PHASE!!!! The name even excites me when she talks about it! LOL EEEKKKKK

This program is legit making it happen for me again! LOVING IT!!!!


Lost 3 lbs. and 8 inches TOTAL
Phase 1 = Lost 2 Lbs. and 6.5 inches
Phase 2 = Lost 1 Lb. and 1.5 inches

If you want more information on this program, please check it out HERE!!

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