So if you know nothing about me at all, than know this.  I love flowered clothing...BUT it has to be the right type of flowers...the bigger the better for me.  So when I saw this beauty hanging up at the Milton Flea Market...you best believe I jumped on it!  LOL  I felt it was calling my name and I see BEACH DRESS all over it!  So long and flowy my peeps and for only $40 I couldn't pass it up!  EREEKKK So I feel like I won with this one!  I never buy much clothing, but when I do...I MUST LOVE IT! 

It looks kind of green in this picture, but I swear it is more like a blue teal color.  Dresses aren't usually my thing, so this is definitely out of the comfort zone for sure, BUT I love the print!  I think doing another round of 80 days will make it even look better...just in time for the beach!

I wish my phone took better pictures of it, but this will do!  I started today on my second round, because I noticed that having the structure with my nutrition helped me tremendously!  I slacked off a bit on the weekend and coming back today, I feel like the marshmallow man!   UGH!  A week of not really following the plan and I can tell the difference!  The bloat is real!  It just proves to me, that when you eat like crap...you feel like crap.  100% TRUTH! 

So using this post as a before picture because in 80 days, it will fit better - I promise you that!  


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