OMGEEE I LOVED Cara Alwill Leyba book - Like She Owns the Place!!  I just finished it this morning and she shared with us how to build our confidence and a rock solid sense of inner peace and become ONE with your intuition!  

This book had me digging deep to figure out what is holding myself back - FEAR!  Fear of what others think of me...fear of what I am doing is stupid...fear that I will never amount to anything, and fear of rejection!  Which is all total B.S.!  

This book has helped so much since I started it that I do believe I have taken away A LOT from it!  I have found my inner muse!  What is that you ask?  It is your TRUEST self that you buried because you have fear, you lost confidence, or don't have a feeling of self worth!  It is the person you WANT to be, your BEST self, and the one you WISH you could totally let out without any apologies because that is who you REALLY are!  

Who is that for me? 

I am someone who wants to be a bad ass chick who is FIERCE, STRONG, LOVING, and PASSIONATE about her coaching business and her family!  I am someone who wants purple hair (all of it) and to live a life of freedom!!  I feel so much LOVE for everyone and every living thing that it is sickening! LOL  I am someone who WILL stand for what she believes in and will have unshakable doubt within herself!  I will not stand for bullying and I will not stand for ANY type of abuse what so ever - mental or physical!  I AM that person but FEAR has held me back....but NO MORE!  I am someone who will inspire you to be your BEST and tell you that you are capable of ANYTHING!  

How do you find her? 

You listen to your GUT journal..and you LISTEN to your gut and heart for what you truly want out of life!  (God helps with these feelings for SURE!!)   That is when you are truly happy!  I have been listening to my gut feeling for a while now, but something happened yesterday (before I read the inner muse part) that bothered me...and I struggled with it!  UGH! 

After reading it though...I thought to my self...NOPE...I am NOT going to let that ONE person dictate my life, my house, and the happiness of Shawn and my family!  If they can't deal...they will just have to get over it...because it is their ISSUE not mine!  

Oh and by the way...Our family is getting a puppy!!!  EEEEEKKKK Shawn has been hounding us for over a month and after our family discussion, we decided to go for it! Shawn is thrilled and even squealed! LOL  His face lights up with such happiness and he said he is ready to kiss its sweet cheeks! LOL

After talking to my mom, she said she would never DENY us of pets, because that could seriously mess you up. LOL Like the kid could think...well EVERYONE else has a pet...why don't I, why am I different?  Feelings of being inadequate or feeling left out could yeah...NOT saying NO to Shawn! LOL

Plus my brother had them growing up and still at the age of 50 years old...says his best friend is in his dog. 

They always say...a boy and his dog. 

Pictures to come when we pick him out!  I am sure he or a she will be a cutie!  :) 

Wish us luck!!  

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