Well we got her and she is handful for sure! Like having a baby all over again!! LOL She is feisty…loves to play tug of war with Shawn - just like he wanted and she is a lazy, calm puppy that has been a lot of fun, overwhelming, and a distraction for sure! LOL No cheating with her in the house…she LOVES food and treats for sure.

Shawn always says she is too cute and just kisses the top of her head. At first he was a bit hesitant with her, because he didn’t know how to take her…but tonight he really enjoyed playing with her. First time, I seen them two click since we got her. FINALLY!!!

She is doing pretty good with the crate for me…but not for Tony. She cried a lot during the day and I think that is because she sleeps through the night or at least stays pretty quiet and really isn’t that tired during the morning time so she cries ALOT. I hope she adjusts to that soon, but at least Tony is close by.

She will get better…we just got her on Thursday. We we are wearing her out…we run her down the hallway, keep her busy, and keep her moving. She is adjusting pretty well I guess, but I can’t get this training down since we had SEVERE FLOODING - Like almost had indoor flood damage kind of rain. I couldn’t take her outdoors so that day really messed with us. UGH! This rain can stop…soo over it.

Not giving up, just wish I could do better with her during the day, but I work. UGH..it is for the birds. LOL

Just had to share what I have been up to lately….she is taking a lot of time, so not much biz activity is happening here lately! But had to share this awesome picture the Foster folks took of us! Wish Tony could have been there…he had to go to work. :(

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