Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

Photo Credit by Tonya Van Fossen

So yeah apparently even your facial expressions need to be on point when you are around your kid!  LOL  YIKES!!!  I got a story for you.  I was just driving to his daycare like I do any day of the week and he was in the back playing with this sword from Transformers...talking to it and making his sounds as he always does. 

Then he looked up and asked if I was mad at him??   "Ummmmm what??!!"  Where did that even come from, I am just driving!  I said, "No buddy, why?!"   He said, "you got a mean face!!"   OH MY WORD!  I was thinking of everything that had to get done, thinking this traffic sucks, this guy is going to slow, Omgeee I got to do this and that, and I guess I was getting pissed and my face reflected it. LOL  So yeah....he totally caught me in the act!  

Even though I didn't say a word, he felt and seen my emotions.  What an eye opening experience!  They seriously watch everything you do so you have got to be on your A game.  I mean of course I can't always have a smile on my face, but I need to be more mindful of my expressions around him.

Same goes with your health habits.  What you do will reflect on them.  Eat out a lot?  Eat a lot of junk food?  Are you active or do you sit a lot?  So will that what you want to portray to your kids?  

Think on this...being a parent is soooo HARD some days.  I feel my every action needs to be thought out and think it through on how it will affect him down the road.  Talk about exhausting! LOL  

So I am sharing what happened this evening with you so you can start take notice of what your facial reactions, your health, and your eating habits because what you say and do affects your kids feelings and thoughts.

Wanna make a great positive change on their lives...than we got to start working together my peeps! 

Name one thing below that you are going to start doing with your kids that you didn't do before?  

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