How often do you go to the bathroom? LOL Seems like a crazy and well umm...uncomfortable subject doesn't it?? 😮😱😱

Before I started my journey it was once a month...I 💩 you not. LOL (No pun intended!!) I suffer from diverticulosis and believe me my friend...it is NO FUN! 

They told me that I would have to be on Metamucil for the rest of my life but I am sorry that stuff is for the birds and I didn't want to be an "OLD" person and drinking it forever. GAG!!!! I have finally found a product that I LOVE! I seriously love how I feel daily when I drink it!! Actually I am coming up on almost 2 years and I will never give it up!

Why do I drink it?

For my health #1, for energy, for controlling my INSANE junk food cravings, my digestive health, and my sugar!  I wish I would have found this product sooner because it has changed my health for the better!

It has premium protein and amino acids, antioxidants and super fruits, phytonutrients and super greens, adaptogenic herbs and botanicals, probiotics, prebiotics, and fiber, digestive enzymes, and vitamins and minerals.  So yes...WAY MORE than just a protein shake!   This health food shake seriously helps me come full circle with my overall health. 

So if you find yourself skipping breakfast (a big no no!) than maybe you should try this or if you are looking for something natural, safe, and something that tastes like a cheat meal every day than I think I have you covered my friend! 

If you want more informationm comment below or email me at rebecca@rebeccaamiller.com.  I would love to share this amazing product with you!  

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